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1Do you have a problem at work? We can help.

First, let us know where you work:

Select one option
  • Bus, Truck, Train (Transportation)

  • Construction Site

  • Home (Home Care, Child Care)

  • Hospital & Healthcare

  • Manufacturing Facility

  • Office

  • Restaurant, Hotel (Food Service, Hospitality)

  • Retail Store

  • School

  • Utility Lines (Utilities, Communications)

  • Warehouse

  • Other

2What kind of problem are you having?

You can select multiple options
  • Advancement and Professional Development

    Advancement and Professional Development

    Do you have a future at your job? Will hard work and long service pay off? Do you know how to get raises or promotions?

  • Bad Boss

    Bad Boss

    Are you being disrespected, intimidated or discriminated against? Do you feel like your supervisor isn’t listening, or isn’t giving you the treatment you deserve?

  • Benefits


    Getting appropriate health care and saving for retirement matter—are you getting the benefits you deserve? Do you understand how to use your benefits?

  • Co-workers


    Do you get along with the people you work with? Are there clear expectations for what you’re supposed to do and how you should interact? Do people work hard and treat each other fairly, or is there incompetence, rudeness or favoritism?

  • Compensation


    Do you feel like you’re getting the pay you deserve? Are you always getting paid as much as you’re supposed to, or do your paychecks come up short?

  • Scheduling


    Are you overworked or under-scheduled? Do you feel like you have no control over when you’re working? Do you get any time off for vacation or if you’re sick?

  • Working Conditions

    Working Conditions

    Are you expected to work in an unsafe environment? Do you have access to water, restrooms and exits? Can you work comfortably?

3Get specific. Select the problems that best match yours.

You can select multiple options
  • Advancement and Professional Development
    Advancement and Professional Development

    • No Reviews or Evaluations

    • No Skills Training

    • Poor or Non-Existent Opportunities for Promotion

  • Bad Boss
    Bad Boss

    • Aloof or Poor Communicator

    • Doesn't Listen, Won't Respect Workers

    • Discrimination

    • General Incompetence

    • Harrassment

    • Illegal or Unethical Behavior at Work

    • An Unfair Boss

    • Verbal Abuse

    • Wrongful Termination

  • Benefits

    • Can't Get Enough Hours to Qualify for Benefits

    • Family Medical Leave Act Issues

    • No Sick Days

    • No Retirement Benefits

    • Not Enough Vacation

    • Poor Health Care

  • Co-workers

    • An Unprofessional, Annoying, or Distracting Co-worker

    • Workplace Bullies

  • Compensation

    • Not Being Paid Fairly

    • Not Getting Paid for Hours Worked

    • Stealing Tips

    • Trouble Getting a Raise

  • Scheduling

    • Forced to Work Mandatory Overtime

    • An Impossible Workload

    • Irregular Hours

    • Not Enough Notice of Schedule

  • Working Conditions
    Working Conditions

    • Bad Air Quality

    • No Access to Bathroom, Lunch-break Facilities

    • No Breaks

    • Old, Broken, Unsafe Equipment

    • Physically Demanding Work

    • Unsafe Temperatures

4Now, tell us more about your problems and yourself.

Your Selected Problems

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